Friday, February 11, 2011

Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot S006 AU kddi 16.2 MP O.O!

Hi guys is been a while since I post something, anyway today I got good and bad news for you guys. Good news is that Sony Ericsson release 16.2MP and full HD cell phone (keitai) recently. Bad news is that it only available in Japan (au by KDDI phone can't be unlocked with Hypersim) =[

Here is the spec for the phone:

Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot S006
16.2MP Exmor CMOS sensor (same technology used in some Sony digital camera)
Full HD video recording
3.3" Touchscreen Display
700mb Internal memory
Support 16 GB ~ 32 GB MicroSDHC
139g with dimension of H 115 x W 52 x Thickness 17.1 mm
On sale now!

Anyway here some goodies for you guys to enjoy!


  1. this phone cam's 12mp...NOT 16mp...

  2. 12MP for S003, this phone S006 by the way.