Wednesday, May 18, 2011

NTT Docomo Prime Series CA-01C

CA-01C Spec:

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  1. Hey shura, I was wandering if I should purchase the CA-01C in Japan?

    I was originally debating whether or not to get a F-09C but CA-01C looks slightly better in terms of specifications.

    May major question is should I up for android? Or stick with the traditional Symbian 2.0 system? I am a mobile camera person ever since the 3.0Megapixel days. So the 16.3MegaPixel 3D camera will do good for me.

    Which phone would I look for other than this? Well there is the 007SH (Softbank..but it needs...a hypersim), but other than that I like CA-01C because it looks pretty nice. For me 007SH is just the android.

    To me:
    Android - Keeping up with the Western Majority*
    Symbian - Traditional Cellphone Society

    Little side view:
    I have never purchased a Japaense Cellphone before and always wanted one. Last summer I purchased the Nokia N8 (I's good enough because of it's Carl Zeiss 12M camera) But lately (because of my Japanese obsession) I started looking at Japanese phones again. The Nokia N8 does good for because I ported Symbian Belle (Now called Nokia Belle) and it's fast for a 680MHZ ARM11.

    Thanks for reading.